Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cap and Trade

So I went to the gas station to fuel up and I notice all of these posters on the pumps about Cap and Trade. They say if Cap and Trade passes, the price of gas will go up 77 cents a gallon. That's around $12 more each fill-up for me. Naturally, I'm pissed. I've heard the rhetoric from Obama that Cap and Trade will cost no more than a postage stamp for American families each year. The Heritage Foundation has calculated the actual cost at about $1,870 per family of four. (That's all energy costs - not just gas costs.)

Then I go home and get the mail and find a flyer from my Rep. Ralph Hall. In it, he discusses why he voted against Cap and Trade:

"The Waxman-Markey bill (Cap and Trade) mandates that by 2050 Carbon Dioxide levels in the US by reduced by 83% below 2005 levels. These emissions levels are comparable to those of 1907 when the primary mode of transportation was horse-back.

According to Chip Knappenberger of the World Climate Report, this cap on carbon emissions would do little for the environment. Knappenberger reported that the temperature increases would be lowered merely hundredths of a single degree Fahrenheit over the next 40 years."

Thanks Congress. When people are losing their jobs en masse, businesses are tanking, families are struggling, you jokers want to increase our energy costs??!?! I think the question here is are you working for us or against us???

Friday, October 2, 2009

Socialized Medicine Makes Me Sick

I'm psyched that more and more people are coming around and realizing that the Dems Universal Healthcare Plan is simply BAD NEWS. Even more encouraging stats came out today.

I got a raging sinus infection this week. I'm no wuss but I thought I would have to call Sigourney Weaver to kill the alien that was about to burst from my forehead. I got a doctors appointment (I LOVE my doctor.) and went and sat in the waiting room for about 30 minutes to see her. As I suffered through each minute, I thought, my God, what will this be like when we're all on this mandatory public health plan. Sitting in a waiting room for hours and hours like they do in Canada and Great Britain.

I got called in to see my fantastic doctor. She spent as much time as I needed talking to me, examining me, counseling me on the medication she was prescribing me. With the public health plan, this poor woman wouldnt have this kind of time. She'd be churning out people like an assembly line, throwing government approved medicines at us. Knowing my doctor, she'd refuse to provide that type of care and she'd have to apply her talents some other field of business.

Next I went to the pharmacy. It was packed. I waited with about 10 other people for 25 minutes to get my prescription. I knew it would be 10 times worse with the public health plan.

I thought to myself, what if it wasn't just me, standing here in misery, wanting so badly to get my medicine, go home, go to bed and get better. What if I was here with a sick baby who was suffering and crying and begging to feel better as we sat in the waiting room for 6 hours waiting for treatment.

Furious, I called Harry Reid, one of the idiot Democrats who is still trying like hell to push this public plan through (despite the will of his constituents) and I gave his voicemail a piece of my mind. This is America. What the hell are they doing trying to force us all into health plans that we dont want. Plans that will cause our quality of care to decline considerably (just ask Great Britain) and for what - so illegal immigrants get free healthcare, so that people who choose tricked out tires over health insurance will be covered, so people who sit on their butts all day while I go to work dont have to pay???

Ludicrous. Call your reps and give them a piece of your mind. Start with dimwit Harry Reid. Here's his #: 202-224-3542.

More of Our Tax Dollars Flushed - Thanks Congress!

The Pork Report - from

Grateful Dead archive receives $615,175 federal grant; “The ultimate goal… is that everyone will have a Grateful Dead experience”

Renovation project at the Bill Clinton presidential center will receive $2.5 million of federal stimulus funds

North Carolina Department of Transportation spending $1.2 million of federal stimulus funds to renovate a lighthouse and another $3 million to paint a bridge

Congress approves $250 million increase in its own budget.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great quote

"It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master."

- Ayn Rand

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Democrats vs. American Business

Banks are bad. Oil companies are bad. Insurance companies are bad. Drug companies are bad. That's the Democratic party line.

Since all these companies are bad, doing bad things, let's just have the government run them. You know, since the government never does anything bad. Hey, what a minute...

I am so sick and tired of hearing about how a company trying to make money is evil. When a company produces a product or service in America, every single American has a choice to purchase it. No one is forced to. Americans are free and they have the right to make a choice about whether a product or service is right for them.

Insurance companies for example -
Insurance companies provide the service of insuring you or your property. They work with you to create the insurance package for you and you can say yes or no. You can choose to go with that company, another company OR to stay uninsured. Yes, there are people who choose to be uninsured. And they have the RIGHT to be.

In a recent town hall meeting in Montana, after being questioned about why he's vilifying insurance companies, Obama said that some insurance companies have said that they needed to take on more customers before they could make some of the drastic changes he is demanding of them. He made it sound like that was evil. Obama, this is a company, not a lollipop-gumdrop-kumbuya-not-for-profit-money-bin. These companies have to do what they can to stay in business, to keep their employees employed, to provide their customers with the services they were promised. Not only that, but they have a right to make a profit. Gasp! The Dems think a company making a profit is evil.

If an insurance company has bad practices and does evil things, they lose customers to another insurance company who is not doing those things. It's called capitalism. This goes with any business. If a person cant get a loan at one bank, they go to another bank. If the trainers at one gym are jerks, I go to another gym. It's competition in the FREE MARKET. And this free market allows Americans to have an abundance of choices - choices about healthcare, health insurance, checking accounts, motor oil, prescriptions, cereal, tampons, milk - EVERYTHING. That's what makes our quality of life so great.

And the Democrats want to kill that.